Saturday 20 January 2018

Brutal Killing of Nuruzzaman Jony by 'Tony Montana' Krishnapada Roy

Nuruzzaman Jony (30), General Secretary of Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal Khilgaon unit, was abducted by DB police on January 19, 2015, from Nazimuddin Road Jail Gate in Dhaka. Later that night, a DB team led by Krishnapada Roy (DCDB, South), riddled him with bullets. At least 16 bullets hit Jony, with 10 targeting his chest.

When police shoot 16 times to kill someone- it’s not just a murder- everybody sees a lot of "pleasure" and "satisfaction" in the act. It’s "Tony Montana" in police uniform. And that sadist is Krishnapada Roy, the then Deputy Commissioner (south) of Detective Branch.

On January 19, 2015, Jony went to the jail gate to visit his younger brother Moniruzzaman Hira and went missing. Police had allegedly picked Hira up from his house on Friday, January 16th, not finding Jony.

Jony’s father Yakub Ali spoke with him for the last time at 1:15 pm on January 19- the day he disappeared. Jony's wife, Monia Parvin Monisha, found all of his husband’s four cell phones in switched off mode about an hour after his conversation with his father. Then, they looked for him at every possible place. His father contacted the Khilgaon police and the Detective Branch, but they all said they knew nothing of his whereabouts.

"The detectives who denied arresting my son on Monday night killed him just hours later," Jony's father Yakub Ali said. Jony had never been involved in any violent activity and was known a man of affable character. Married a year back, he was a student at Habibullah Bahar College. His wife Monia Parvin Monisha was seven months pregnant when Jony was killed by police.

Mother of Jony sheds tears over her son’s dead body in Dhaka Medical College Hospital morgue
“What has my son done? Why has he been murdered? There is no need to keep us alive. Please kill us as well,” his mother Nilufar Parveen told reporters at the Dhaka Medical College morgue when she saw her son’s bullet-riddled body.

The law enforcers of this illegal government of Bangladesh are holding murderous encounters to finish off opposition leaders and activists. The government has given these agencies the licence to kill only to maim or destabilize the opposition movement in the country.